This site is being developed to support the ap5 community.

The AP5 source is believed to be in the public domain by virtue of having been available via public ftp without a copyright notice before March 1 1989. For more detail, contact Don Cohen (see below).

Note: new link to be provided for World Wide Virtual Database (WWVDB)

The AP5 reference manual (last updated 2023)

training-manual-body.mss and training-manual.mss -- Additional documentation in scribe format (may eventually be converted to html).

ap5-2000.zip -- ap5 source version of 2000. Works with clisp and acl. Less certain are symbolics, ti, lucid.

ap5-2003.tar.gz -- ap5 source version of 2003. This one should work for lispworks as well as above.

ap5-2006.zip -- ap5 source version of 2006 - builds in clisp 2.36, 2.38
2008/6/17: In clisp 2.45 the build fails near the end due to a bug in defmacro. This is fixed in the source for the next version.

ap5-2009.zip -- ap5 source version of 2009 - builds in clisp 2.47 - with MT; also builds in ABCL.

ap5-2010.zip -- ap5 source version of 2010

ap5-20120509.zip -- ap5 source version of 2012

ap5-2016.zip -- ap5 source version of 2016

ap5-2017.zip -- ap5 source version of 2017

ap5-201904.zip -- ap5 source version of 2019-04
which I seem to be able to build in all of clisp,abcl,sbcl (though not without difficulty)

ap5-201911.zip -- ap5 source version of 2019-11
xor added to agree with manual, cl-type-name more conservative

ap5-202003.zip -- ap5 source version of 2020-03
fixes a generator bug (search for 2019 in generato.lsp)

ap5-202104.zip -- ap5 source version of 2021-04
for use in incremental generators, track latest update of relations

ap5-2022.zip -- ap5 source version of 2022-05
locking update and generation only for transition rels, lock covers entire generation, misc fixes/improvements, manual update

ap5-2023.zip -- ap5 source version of 2023-05
adding hash function tests, fixes to defrelation, add a funcall in generators, manual update

sudoku.lisp -- an example ap5 program to solve sudoku puzzles.

AP5 from a programmer's point of view -- an introductory paper.

Articles, papers, and documentation (being organized)

For further information, please send email to Don Cohen. Your email message will bounce. The bounce will explain how to reach Don.